I’m so glad you’re here

I get excited about turning thoughts into action and finding a connection where there seem to be none. People say my enthusiasm is contagious! I love finding unique ways to connect with and understand people. Through design, I’ve been able to express inventive ideas and create a deeper understanding of the human experience, figuring out what doesn’t fit then finding a resolution.

I have quite a few years of experience in communications, corporate identity development, creative direction, and marketing in the publishing, education and the IT services industries. This journey of expertise has had a significant impact on how I now engage in and influence Organisational Change. On the flip side of corporate engagement, I’ve designed furniture and show stands, styled for photography, freelanced as a designer for award-winning advertising agencies and had work published in magazines.

Did I mention that I like people? Interactions energise me, and yes, the statement in the header is my life’s motto. Being able to create daily is precious energy that I do not take for granted. I’ve collected ideas and been inspired by others for too long. So, this website has a two-fold purpose: It serves as a portal for my consulting services and showcases the things I’ve made for fun and money. I hope you are inspired to get in touch and see what I can do for you.