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I get excited about turning thoughts into action and finding a connection where there seem to be none. People say my enthusiasm is contagious! I love finding unique ways to connect with people. I express inventive ideas to create a deeper understanding of the human experience, figuring out what doesn’t fit then finding a resolution.

I have quite a few years of experience in communications, corporate identity development and creative direction in the publishing, education and the IT services industries. This career journey has a significant impact on how I engage in Organisational Change. On the flip side of corporate engagement, I’ve even designed furniture and show stands. I've styled for photography, freelanced to award-winning advertising agencies and had work published.

Interactions energise me, and being able to create daily is precious energy that I can't take for granted. I’ve collected ideas and been inspired by others for too long. So, this website serves as a portal for my consulting services and showcases the work I’ve done for fun and money. I hope you are inspired to get in touch and see what I can do for you.




Creative Strategy includes:

Blueprint planning

Problem solving through
customised messaging to a variety of audiences



Visual Communication means:

Storytelling through design

Expert material
development for projects
and campaigns



OCM processes:

Stakeholder management

Change impact assessments

Measuring change success




BA tools that:

Drive change and business success

Transform ideas into
practical solutions

Analyse data for innovating
or improving PPS

I can help you with a creative communications strategy that includes blueprint planning and problem-solving through customised messaging to a variety
of audiences. As a strong visual communicator, I offer storytelling through design as well as expert material development for projects and campaigns.
Utilising the ADKAR model, I facilitate stakeholder management, change impact assessments and measure change success. I add value by driving change
and business success, transforming ideas into practical solutions and analysing data for innovative or improved processes, products or services.

Does your organisation need creative problem-solving? Are you looking for a tangible solution? Let’s connect to see how I can add value.

Ruth’s innate ability to adapt, identify problems and provide solutions is a key strength of hers.

Richard Tasker, Senior Change Manager

Ruth’s strong communication skills enable her to promote a clear vision to different audiences, altering her style and approach as needed.

Charl Vorster, Change Management Lead

Her attitude and ability to adapt and move others are what sets her apart from the rest. If you need the X-Factor for your next initiative, speak to Ruth.

Mariette Krause, Change Management Specialist


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